“…But I Know This Guy Who’s REEEAAALLLY Seeking God!”

January 19th, 2008 | Add Comment | Church Issues, Media, Sinner Sensitive “…But I Know This Guy Who’s REEEAAALLLY Seeking God!” |  Facebook

Lane Chaplin introduces this video by saying: The majority of us can read the title of this video and relate it to a person we’ve encountered at some point who claims to know someone who’s “REEEAAAALLLY seeking hard after God” because the person started attending the local Sensitive-To-Please-Unbelief “Church” or a local youth group, etc. Many have the idea that their attendance to a particular place, the good deeds they do, or some other self-righteousness they posses actually causes God to lay aside his justice and look at them to say, “Eh, they’ve done enough good. They’ll do.” This is woefully NOT what God does, though. As Paul said, “If righteousness comes by the law, Christ died for no purpose.” and as Habakkuk stated, “…the just/righteous live by faith.” (2:4) Mark Kielar and CrossTV shows the reason why the guy who’s supposedly “REEEEAAALLLLY seeking hard after God” may just be seeking the benefits he can get from God without actually seeking the righteousness of God which comes by faith.

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