Eternal Perspective & the Sovereignty of God

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Our God hating world has substituted the eternal pleasures of knowing God, for the temporary pleasures of sin. Specifically, satisfying the lusts of their flesh, the lusts of their eyes, and the pride of their life. The reason for this of course is their temporary view of life. But have you ever thought about how drastically their perspectives will change when they finally see the infinite glory of Christ?

For instance, take the man in the following video. Very few people, if any, would be willing to trade places with him today. But I believe, on the day of Christ’s return, when suddenly their temporary view of life becomes a matter of eternal consequence, the number of those who would have lived his life, suffered his pains, and died his death, to gain the life that he shall, will be innumerable.

Take a moment to listen to this brother talk about the Sovereignty of God, in all things.

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One Response to “Eternal Perspective & the Sovereignty of God”

  1. Joe C. says:

    We are pathetic and nothing compared to this man’s faith given to him by God.

    Woe to us who are well and rich! May God humble our hearts…


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