Brian McLaren: Welcoming Practicing and Unrepentant Homosexuals as Christians

October 23rd, 2007 | 8 Comments | Church Issues, Emergent Church, Media Brian McLaren: Welcoming Practicing and Unrepentant Homosexuals as Christians |  Facebook

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I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people– not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler–not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.” (1 Corinthians 5:9-13 ESV)

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8 Responses to “Brian McLaren: Welcoming Practicing and Unrepentant Homosexuals as Christians”

  1. Joe C says:

    Unbelievable. These verses are an ‘emergent heat seaking missile’. I thought the same exact thing when reading them recently.

    “Don’t judge! Don’t judge! You are Pharisees!” they say…and condemn themselves with their own words, for to say this, is judgement.

    We cannot judge the world, because they are acting perfectly consistent with their profession of disbelief. They are acting as natural men should. So why bother judging their actions, true enough. God can handle them, as we preach the Word under the power of the Holy Spirit.

    However, this verse blatantly lays out dealing with false ones in our midst and how to ‘excise the cancer’ from the body, so to speak. We must do this, for to let cancer go unchecked in the body when you could fix the problem is akin to suicide, and betrayal to the Body.
    We must judge inside the Church, lest we become wholly corrupt. If you hate 1 Corinthians 5:9-13, you hate the Word, and you spurn correction. And you’d probably would be the one saying “don’t judge in the Body, you legalistic pharisee you”.


    PS, on a side note, in this video, I found them not necessarily saying they approve of homosexual sin, but rather that they wouldn’t turn said unrepentants away. I think you can gather as much though that they won’t be saying “you are unrepentant of your terrible sin before God” to them, which not saying that to them is just as bad as saying “we believe there are homosexual Christians” which they have not said in this video, but have in others. Man, emergents are so confusing and bush beating. =/

  2. Nicely said Joe! It’s reminds me of something Spurgeon said, “Oh, my brethren! bold-hearted men are always called mean-spirited by cowards.”

  3. Mike says:

    I agree with you Joe, what business do we have to judge those outside the church. We are to judge those inside the church. But, the question I have, is do we? Do we have biblical church discipline? My church we don’t.

    Another note I have to make, that I struggle with is that church in America, is filled with unbeilievers. According to 2 Cor.6 tells us to come out of her and be separate. Mixing unbelievers with believers. So is the church for believers? To me it seems that evangelism we practice today is not going to the streets, but coming up with inventive emergent ideas to bring people in, and then hopefully they hear the message of Christ..

    I am not saying we should not have non believers visit, its good that some want to visit church.

  4. Joe C says:


    You are precisely correct in your thoughts on what is “church”.

    A few thoughts to all…

    In 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 and also 7:1, you see the opposing sides here. You can have no true fellowship with unbelievers, anymore than the Glorious Son of God can have with the demon lord, Satan. We’re sanctified, set apart, holy from the world to be used by God, and they are Satan’s playground. We have Sonship and Daughtership, they are objects of Wrath. We are light, they are darkness. And are these not totally seperated? Where you have light, you CANNOT have darkness, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness flees. Is this not the comparison being drawn here?

    How then can it be called ‘church’, that which is not church by said definition? If half (arbitrary ammount) of your church is unregenerate men of flesh, then it is no longer church. If you ‘purposely’ bring unbelievers in to your church and false-’fellowship’ with them, it is NOT ‘church’. It is at best then an evangelism expose’, and then the sheep will starve. How can you edify the body when you are pandering to men’s fleshy ways in order to get them to ‘accept’ your lukewarm message? This is not church. Church is for the believers. Street corners, synagogs, malls, market places, et al are for evangelism and ‘recruitment’, not the BODY OF BELIEVERS. Wouldn’t that be oxymoronic? Look through Scripture and see if any unebelievers were purposefully brought in to the local Body before they were saved. See if Peter or Paul set up Artemis or Jupiter idols in their homes in order to make Christianity ‘more attractive’ and ‘less offensive’ to the unbelievers. Are those idols any different than the idols kids and adults alike worship today that are now being brought in to the church to make it easier on the eyes? Like video games (brought in to the church), television (brought in to the church), sex (brought in), love of money (brought in), etc etc. You can’t serve both God and Money.

    The word used in the New Testament for ‘church’ is ‘ekklesia’. This means roughly “those who are called out”, or plainly “called out”. It implies a group of like minded individuals with a common purpose. In the case of the NT, it’s for worshiping the Lord, obeying the Apostles teachings, the sharing of posessions, the breaking of bread, and the meeting together in fellowship. Let me ask all of you this, what commonality is there between Jesus and Satan? (The answer is none, unless you’re mormon). Jesus said “If anyone is not with Me, he is against Me.”. Those who are not believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, are against Him, and are children of the devil. How then can you be of one mind with them, how can there be anything in common with light and darkness?

    In Acts 2, you see an amazing example, the first of such examples, being given to us by God. First you see the Holy Spirit come upon the believers. Then, as Jesus commanded, by this Power from Heaven the Apostle Peter, with the other brothers undoubtedly in tail, went OUT of the fellowship of believers and did what? PREACHED The Gospel, OUTSIDE of “ekklesia”. Those who repented and believed were baptized. Only after this repentance and confession of faith took place, were these people included in to the ekklesia. Just like when you believe on the Lord Jesus, you are saved, and included in the universal Church of God, the same goes for the actual physical gathering together of believers, never were unbelievers included in this gathering, never ever in church history, until the last 100 years or so!! Then what happened after their inclusion in to the church when they believed? Well, I mentioned it before, but if you want to investigate this matter for yourself, and you should, it’s Acts 2:1-47. Red it carefully and prayerfully, and compare this God given ‘method’ (the only one given) with today’s modern “churches”.

    The bottom line is we are to be seperate, and you cannot have the same fellowship that is supposed to be devoted to the brothers, with unbelievers. In fact, to invite the world in to your church, IS friendship with them (see James 4:4-6), it’s adultery against the rest of the body of Christ. When you have church, it is intimate fellowship with God and Believers. For you to include the world, God-haters, in this, is like bringing a prostitute in to your house to share with your wife and kids. What nonsense!

    If an unebeliever comes in among us, we should not turn them away, but do our duty to give the Gospel to him or her. However, with that said, when it becomes your all consuming goal to bring the world in to your church, and you start having more unbelievers than believers, or even just a sizeable number because you WANT NUMBERS, then it is NOT church, and it is “ichabod” (No glory). If an unbeliever can remain an unbeliever in your church comfortably without either being saved, or wanting to leave, then there is a terrible, terrible problem in your church. Let this never be permitted!! The unbeliever who walks in should either be converted, or hardened. They shouldn’t be comfortable in their chair hating God but loving your sex sermons. I see no other option in Scripture. An unbeliever who is going to stay an unbeliever should WANT to leave your church, because they HATE Jesus.

    Also, notice in Acts 2, when the believers were added to the church, it was GOD adding them, not man, and not man’s methods either.

    Amen? Just some thoughts.

    With love,


  5. Mike says:

    Love it!! You are so right!

    I lead a weekly mens bible study and one night, how we got on the subject about non-believers in church. They were shocked about my believes. I do agree that we shouldn’t turn them away. But we should not go out to great lengths to bring them in. We call it Friend Day at our church, invite a co-worker or neighbor or friend that is not a believer or doesn’t have a CHURCH home? A pastor used Luke 14:23 to defend this notion. But, in the beginning of the chapter, verse 12, tells that not to invite your friends, neighbors, and so on. Forgetting about verse 13. Understanding that the text is not referring to bringing people in the church.

    Your right it is about the numbers, its not about getting genuine converts, but filling the seats, so we have more reason to add on to our existing building.

    I thought church was for the equipping of the saints? But, it has turned into pop culture and whatever it takes to get people in, forbid actually going out and preaching the gospel. You just hope that when they are in church they will hear the TRUTH and not some PD message about being the best you can be!

    Amen to you brother

  6. Kyle says:

    You guys have got it. All we see now when we look around at the state of the American church is a culture that has become ASHAMED OF JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORD. Leaders in the church in open rebellion to the Word of God. Ignoring the clear teachings that may be found there in. This is not some vague issue. It is not something found only in the Old Testament, its in the New Testament too. It was bad then, and its bad now. God is immutable. He does not change. If something was bad yesterday, it will be bad today and tomorrow. They want nothing to do with wrath, hell, and repentance; but yet, go out of their way to tell you that God is love and peace, and He will make your life better. That is an outright lie. Its all about numbers to them now, as Joe stated.

    “Repentance is soooo Reformation Age. We have to be a hip church to reach people now.” All they do is make ‘inoculated Christians’ (to borrow from Ray Comfort) who now think they are saved and will not hear of anything else. They are ‘saved’ and they can do what they want, why should they change?

    How are you going to get a homosexual to be soundly saved if they are told that God loves them, even in their sin. God despises sin. He died so that we could be redeemed from our sins, not given a blank check to defile ourselves in them. “It’s okay, God loves you. He died on the cross to give you an abundant life.” I heard Osteen mention that last part directly. ABUNDANT life, as in present life. Jesus died on the cross that we might be reconciled by His blood to the Holy Father. To be given eternal life, not a richer worldly/pagan life. “But that is what Joel Osteen told me.” It breaks my heart to see ‘Christians’ leading their brothers and sisters down a primed rose path of destruction. Osteen, biggest church in America . . . but no repentance, no sin, no Hell. And here we have Brian McLaren speaking words that are completely counter to the Bible. And the other guy, mentioning the ushers pointing out the men holding hands, says, “I don’t remember a seminary prof covering that particular topic.” Has he read Corintians? Must a professor tell you everything about the Bible, otherwise you don’t know how to formulate a biblical opinion?


    May the grace of our Lord be upon His faithful,

    Ad majorem Dei gloriam

  7. Joe C says:

    Kyle, I didn’t realize that was you until I got to the end and read your latin doxology. Haha, small world (we work together, but he’s deployed). Good points Kyle, basically people are afraid to stand up for the Truth, they’d rather sit in post modern relativeness and relevance. LEADERS in the Christian Church are afraid to be bold, to have doctrinal convictions, and to DEFEND the Faith. If it’s so important to the point where people will be punnished for eternity if they do not have faith in Christ, isn’t that worth fighting for to get in to peoples heads? But no, they’d rather hide behind their ignorance, using what MAN taught them (or didn’t) as an excuse not to judge between good and evil (Heb. 5:14). So they aren’t “…teachers by now..”. They aren’t teachers at all.

    If only so many had ears to hear.


  8. jetlag700 says:

    Unrepentant homosexuals should be excommunicated and shown the door. The Bible does not advocate homosexuals continuing to live in this abomination. The message should be loud and clear….REPENT or leave.

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