Erwin McManus’ Misuses and Distortions of Scripture

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Ken Silva introduces this article by Ron Foster saying: In this new feature article at Apprising Ministries AM correspondent Ron Foster continues his excellent exposes concerning Cultural Architect and futurist Erwin McManus, a prominent voice within the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church. Foster brings out that in Erwin McManus’s sermon entitled “Is Faith Nonsense?” he commented on Isaiah 6:9-10 saying, “This is God in one of His most facetious moments.”

McManus goes on to say, “This is God speaking into the human condition saying, ‘You are broken and your capacity to know me and even be aware of my presence.’” Is God being facetious in this passage, as Erwin claims? Is it even in God’s nature to be facetious? Well, in this piece Foster looks at the context.

As one who has deeply studied mysticism I can tell you that from this article it becomes pretty obvious McManus has read mystics. His teaching here is basically classic mysticism and this message from McManus appears a “Christian” twist on their concept of “the divine spark,” consistent with neo-platonic Gnosticism, aka the more common semi-pelagian new evangelical teaching of some pure “true self” as in apostate Roman Catholicism.

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