Rob Bell: Universalist?

February 27th, 2011 | 3 Comments | Church Issues Rob Bell: Universalist? |  Facebook

Justin Taylor | “…this video from Bell himself shows that he is moving farther and farther away from anything resembling biblical Christianity…”

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3 Responses to “Rob Bell: Universalist?”

  1. Van says:

    What? Evangelicals labeling Rob Bell as an “apostate” and “heretic”; even questioning his salvation? All this venom simply because he said, “LOVE WINS” instead of hell wins? Some evangelicals condemn Bell for not having enough faith. Others are condemning the man for having too much faith. And to make matters worse, his critics haven’t even read his book which is not scheduled for release until the end of March! Have they forgotten what Nicodemus said to the Sanhedrin when they ganged up on Jesus? He said, “Does our law condemn anyone without hearing him to find out what he is doing?” (John 7:51). But this is typical of snarky evangelicals who love their precious hell — for the other guy. I have yet to meet an avowed evangelical who wouldn’t fight like hell to defend the concept of a literal hell with its eternal conscious torture — and, then, blame it on Christ the creator of all things.

  2. Ben Davis says:

    Van, you can’t create an idea, label it “love” and then condemn everybody who doesn’t agree with you. The debate isn’t about love vs. hell. It’s about Bell vs. Jesus. Jesus said not everybody will enter into his kingdom, Rob Bell says otherwise. And the fact that you run to the defense of Bell, rather than Jesus, says enough.

  3. Jon Henegar says:

    Now What?

    Rob Bell’s new book is stirring up some controversy and it is just now hitting the stores. You’ve got to hand it to that boy; he certainly is a master of controversy. Rob Bell, the darling of the “Postmodern/ Relevant/ Emergent Church/ Society” really knows how to stir up thoughts. In some ways, I believe that can be a good thing. I have never been an adherent of blind faith and I believe too many Christians really don’t know why they believe what they believe. I think they should know, but that’s for a different article… Stirring up thoughts, however needs to be grounded in truth. His new book “Love Wins” seems to question what people believe about things like heaven and hell. He asks “can a loving God really send billions of people to hell?” “Are people like Gandhi really in hell?” His publisher released a video blurb with Bell asking these and many more questions about hell. Many believe that Bell is arguing for “universalism’. There are many forms of universalism, but the basic premise is this. A loving God would never allow his creation to suffer in hell for all eternity. God has provided salvation through Christ for all of mankind (which He has). Universalism says that even if you are not a believer and follower of Christ, you will eventually be saved. The atonement is provided to all, no matter what you believe or how you have lived. If you are a Hindu, Muslim, Atheist it doesn’t matter, you will be saved through Christ at some point. For many reasons I wouldn’t be real surprised if Bell was preaching a form of this heresy. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t like Mr. Bell’s teachings, the things he say’s are more then a click or two off. He softens the Gospel like most “Emergent’s” do. His new book, according to some reviews, is a good example of that. He preaches a God of “love” not a God of “justified love”. His teachings are like trying to grab and hold on to smoke. He speaks airy commentary with wispy substance. Like a new age guru with a Christian foundation. Young evangelicals, however can’t seem to get enough of what he has to offer. I did some checking on various church websites and found that many pastors, especially youth pastors, consider one or more books by Rob Bell, Rick Warren and other “Emergent” authors to be their favorite books. I also know that the evangelical church is embracing and endorsing these new spiritual leaders as if they were the new hope for a lost and dying church. If you would like some examples of Mr. Bells teaching go to: This site is biased against Bell, but the statements are based on fact. You may want to do your own searching if you are not satisfied with this site. You can even go to his church site if you think that would be more truthful or unbiased. In any event you have to make up your own mind about his teachings, but you won’t have to search far before you start to see problems with his view of the Gospel, the Bible and Christianity. If Rob Bell is indeed a “Universalist,” and it appears that he may be, the church may be posed with some questions I have questions and maybe the thousands that attend “Mars Hill” (Bell’s church) and the 50,000 people who podcast his sermons, may have also. I would like to ask the pastors across the country, who have allowed his teaching into their churches, “Now what?” What do you do with this? How do you reconcile the fact that a false teacher is impacting, training and teaching the sheep that God has entrusted you with? How will you answer to your people when they learn that you have lead them astray? How will you answer to God when He asked you why false teachers were allowed into your doors? When will you say enough, when will you say “I will not allow this poison in my church?” When will the guards and watchmen rise up and say “no more.” Pastors, you are the guards, you are the Sheppard’s, please, please do your duty and protect your sheep. My hope and prayer, is that with the release of this book, the eyes of the pastors and the people of the church, will be opened so they can see the lies of the” Emergent Movement,” and it’s leadership.

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