A Personal Relationship With Jesus

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“Saving faith and Christian discipleship have been reduced to the cliché “a personal relationship with Jesus.” It’s hard to imagine a more disastrous twisting of what it means to be a Christian. Many people (including Judas and Satan) had some kind of “personal relationship” with Jesus during His earthly ministry without submitting to Him as Lord.”
- John MacArthur

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One Response to “A Personal Relationship With Jesus”

  1. On a recent edition of The White Horse Inn Dr. R. C. Sproul said a similar thing:

    “the gospel becomes, ‘I can have a personal relationship with Jesus.’ The Devil has a personal relationship with Jesus! You know, what kind of personal relationship and what is the ground of that personal relationship? Obviously being a Christian involves having a personal relationship with Jesus but, there’s content to that relationship…that defines that relationship, and to just call it a ‘personal relationship’…I don’t think it’s very helpful.”

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