Redefining the Gospel

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How do we appropriately present the gospel to a world with so many varying world views? Is the church recontextualizing or redefining the unchanging gospel?

In this video Jacob Prasch from Moriel Ministries explains how the church of Laodicea, the final church mentioned in Revelation 3, really is (as it’s name means) the church of peoples opinions.

Keep in mind, the Laodicean church did not know that it was: wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked, but described itself as: rich, increased with goods, and having need of nothing (Revelation 3:17). Blind to their own corruption, there is no doubt this message too will be of little concern to the comfortable, lukewarm, “believer”.

Listed below are a few examples taken from Jacob’s message as to how the church has dangerously redefined the gospel to accommodate popular anti-Christian views.

World View Gosepl Redefined
Consumerist ‘blab it & grab it’
Media driven Tele evangelist
Instamatic Deliverance
Darwinist Theistic Evolution
Feminist Female Ordination
Psychologised Christian Psychology
Multi faith Ecumenism and inter faith
Programmatic Alpha, 40 days, Prayer of Jabez, God Chasers, Purpose Driven
New Age Toronto, Pensacola
Anti Semitic Replacementism
Experiential Charismania
Post Modern Emergent Church
Jacob Prasch speaking at the Calvary Chapel Santa Babra Prophecy Conference 2007

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  1. wat a blessin this was …saw it on a myspace profile…i been askin the Lord about exaclty wat was preached here…He is Faithful & True…thx for ur vid…be bless… -g-

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