James White’s Response to Gregg Matte on Calvinism

July 18th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Calvinism, General Topics, Media, Sovereignty James White’s Response to Gregg Matte on Calvinism |  Facebook

Christians are usually ready and willing to defend biblical truth, whether it’s the doctrine of the Trinity, the deity of Christ, or even six day creation. But when it comes to debating the sovereignty of God, the opposing view would rather a monologue than a dialogue. Unfortunately, this leaves the Calvinist with a mess of misunderstandings to clean up. In my experience, I have found that the greatest cause for division is not the system of theology itself, but rather a misunderstanding of what the theology actually teaches. In the video below, James White addresses some of these misunderstandings.

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2 Responses to “James White’s Response to Gregg Matte on Calvinism”

  1. White’s commentary on the section where Matte says he considers both sides brothers in Christ is very telling in regards to the impact of this issue. Both of the men’s churches would not allow the other to teach from their pulpit and Matte could not even be a member of White’s church, let alone a teacher or pastor. In a way that is very sad at the state of how different the too sides are.

    Thank you for posting this.

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