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How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure

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Same Sex Romantic Love Not a Sin?

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A man who claims to be a Christian from the UK has written to claim that same sex romantic love is not listed listed as a sin somewhere in the Bible. He claims to have already been converted… Already a Christian, already read the Bible cover to cover and can’t find a word against same [...]

Sexual Desires

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Ray Comfort answers this question from a reader at The Soapbox: “Why did God give us sexual desire if it’s a bad thing? Even if you only lust over your spouse, you would most likely have felt lust for them before you married. After all, lust plays a big part in our choice of marriage [...]

Sexual Sin is Glamorized in Secular Music

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The Real Tragedy

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Because sexual desire is one of the most powerful forces in human life, and the world is very busy exploiting the power of that desire for its own godless purposes. God has something to say about this desire which he created in our bodies. And we need to hear it—loud and clear. For those of [...]